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Vitamin IV Therapy Hoover AL

Vitamin IV Therapy - Vitamin C IV Therapy

Dr. Paul Howard, a real medical doctor by the way, offers IV vitamin therapy at his office located in Hoover, Alabama. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Howard first began offering IV therapy to his surgical patients to help with their recovery after cosmetic surgery. Dr. Howard does not limit this service to just cosmetic surgery patients, but to others who are proactive with optimizing their general health. All IV's are prescribed and administered by Dr. Howard. Dr. Howard recommends Vitamin C IV Therapy before and after any surgical procedure.

Dr. Howard offers the following IV therapy nutrients:
    IV Vitamin C
    IV Glutathione
    IV B-Complex
    IV Myer's Cocktail
    IV Hydration

IV vitamin C therapy

Research has shown the importance of vitamin C to our bodies and is an essential component to our wellness. Not only is vitamin C important to our immune systems to help combat sickness, studies have also shown vitamin C plays an important role in collagen maintenance throughout our body.

Collagen is the structural protein found in connective tissues such as skin, cartilage, bones, and teeth. Maintaining optimal vitamin C in our bodies is essential to our skin to help maintain youthful elasticity.

Other Benefits of Vitamin C:

    Heart Health
    Seasonal allergies
    Antioxidant against free radicals
    Immune support and may help fight against cancer cells

Heal Faster with Vitamin IV Therapy

Like many people, you probably don't consume your daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals. IV vitamin therapy is a safe and natural way to receive valuable vitamins and minerals. Lack of proper nutrition can delay wound healing and potentially lead to complications. Give your immune system a boost before and after your surgical procedure to optimize your recovery.

Glutathione IV Therapy Birmingham AL

Glutathione is an antioxidant capable of preventing cellular damage caused by free radicals, heavy metals, and peroxides. It also helps to detoxify polluting chemicals that are naturally created by your body.

Glutathione levels naturally decease as we age. Lower glutathione levels are often associated with poor health and is believed to be associated with cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson's Disease.

IV glutathione therapy is the preferred method of introduction by physicians as studies have shown that taking it orally is not as effective due to the breakdown by stomach enzymes.

IV Glutathione therapy also hydrates the skin and reduces melanin production, making your skin brighter. Additionally, IV glutathione therapy has shown to minimize acne, blemishes, pimples, and scars.

Vitamin IV Therapy Side Effects

Like all medical treatments, the potential for side effects exists. Although rare, some side effects can be more serious than others. Patients are asked to please report to their physician should they experience any of these side effects:

    Abnormal bleeding
    Gastrointestinal hyperactivity
    Chest pain
    Flushed face
    Upset stomach
    Kidney stones
    Hair loss
    Rapid heartbeat
    Heart palpitations
    Muscle cramps and weakness

As with any medical treatment, the possibility of having an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients within IV vitamin therapy can happen. Please let us know if you have any known allergies to foods, dyes, preservatives, or any other substances. Should you experience any of the listed allergic reactions, immediately contact your primary care physician.

These allergies include but not limited to:
    Itching skin/Hives/ Rashes
    Difficulty breathing
    Swelling of the mouth or throat

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