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Tummy Tuck Gallery by Dr. Paul Howard

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Tummy Tuck Before and After Photo Gallery

Dr. Howard's Tummy Tuck Gallery has been carefully collected to represent the most realistic of results. All of our patients have their photos taken in a professional photography room to produce the highest standards in the plastic surgery industry.



Tummy Tuck Myths


Plastic Surgery Myth: Tummy Tucks are Great for Weight Loss

While Tummy Tucks can reduce your waist line, it is recommended you lose all the weight you plan to lose before you have a tummy tuck. Since the tummy tuck procedure surgically removes excess skin, losing weight before having this surgical procedure is recommended.


Plastic Surgery Myth: Insurance will cover the cost of tummy tuck due to weight loss

Most insurance policies will not cover the removal of excess skin due to high volume weight loss or as a result of pregnancy. Some policies will cover a more minor surgical procedure called a panniculectomy. This procedure only removes excess skin not allowing for the full benefits of a tummy tuck procedure. Tummy Tucks are considered cosmetic and therefore not covered by health insurance.


Plastic Surgery Myth: Liposuction is an alternative to Tummy Tuck

Neither of these procedures are for weight loss and they are both very different. Liposuction only removes unwanted fat cells from beneath the skin. Tummy Tuck usually also involves some liposuction too, but it is primarily to remove excess skin that will not shrink due to having been damaged due to a variety of reasons. Tummy Tucks often also address muscle laxity issues that may have been damaged due to pregnancy. Excess skin can often be misunderstood as excess fat when in fact the skin is too damaged to shrink back to a more asethetically pleasing appearance.


Plastic Surgery Myth: Tummy Tucks are only for women

Plastic surgery procedures are becoming more and more popular with both men and women. Due to sagging skin after weight loss, more and more men are considering plastic surgery to address their aesthetic concerns. Nearly 30% of Dr. Howard's tummy tuck patients are men.



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