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Perception As Reality - A Fiction Thriller by Paul Howard

Edward Mark "Tedy" Merrill grows up in the deep South surrounded by friends, bicycles, and baseball cards. A series of troubling and defining events throughout his life lead him to the field of medicine, where he eventually settles into a lucrative position as a top plastic surgeon.

But after becoming terribly disillusioned with the state of the health care system in the United States, he and his brilliant wife move to Paris, France, where they develop a lucrative Internet company based on what has become of the decimated American medical system.

When Tedy meets the son of a former career diplomat, he and his wife are introduced to the violent world of the Russian Mafia. Tedy becomes deeply entangled in a dark underworld—ripped away from his medical roots and immersed in a dark, evil side of his psyche. As Tedy's involvement with the Russians deepens, they become more persistent, dedicated—and dangerous. He must find a way out. Or end up dead.

A powerful psychological thriller, Perception as Reality: The Life and Times of Tedy Merrill is a sobering look at a life's accumulation of experiences—and their devastating consequences.

Date published: 08/17/2015
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Evil Envy - A Fiction Thriller by Paul Howard

In Evil Envy, Tedy has settled into his new life as a renown plastic surgeon in a city known for its beautiful people, wealth, drug trade and the deadly Russian Mafia. Tedy finds out Sophia has become involved with the new Russian Mafia chief, Ivan Kasparov; a truly despicable man who knows all about Tedy’s past with the Mafia in Paris and would kill him if given the chance. Novel opens as a flashback, one year in the past, with Tedy searching for Sophia in the ultra-exclusive nightclub LIV on South Beach. Tedy knows Sophia is Kasparov’s “arm candy” and will be protected by armed men. Kasparov’s men intercept Tedy before he reaches the couple, take him to their car and bludgeon him unconscious before driving to the Mafia’s cabin.

Date published: 07/17/2017
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You totally blindsided me with "Perception as Reality," as I was sure it was going to be something completely different! Our perception is our reality and I was caught off-guard by this fabulous tale of the international underworld. It was sort of James Bondish but without the nine lives fakeness of that spy series. Although in my youth I enjoyed the company of some very sexy women – I don't think I'd want to be any of the characters depicted in your intense work. Your plastic surgeon experience showed in your written words. Finally, are you sure that some of this isn't real . . . or do I really want to know! Thanks for making me think of my wonderful youth and then bringing me back to a reality that I have just a tad of experience with . . the mafia, but my dad's construction company out of business back in the day in NJ . . . but that’s something we all survived and have tried to forget. Great writing and storyline!

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Perception as Reality by Paul Howard

Evil Envy by Paul Howard

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