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One of Dr. Howard's favorite paintings.

Dr. Howard's Office was designed with you in mind. He has a very comfortable front waiting room, private consultation offices, private exam rooms, a state-of-the-art photography room, and custom designed state-of-the-art Surgical Suite. Dr. Howard knows your visit to his office will be discreet, delightful and comfortable. We don't schedule all of our patients to arrive at the same time. Our waiting room times are under 15 minutes or less. We are very efficient in how we schedule our appointments because we understand you value your time.

Dr. Howard travels often and has some of his treasures in his private office including tapestries from France. Dr. Howard finished his plastic surgery training in Paris, France under world famous Dr. Paul Tessier. While in France for his training, Dr. Howard also studied french culinary arts.

Dr. Howard's Office waiting room. Painting from Dr. Howard's collection. Exam room.

Dr. Paul Howard's Staff

Our Plastic Fantastic staff was nicknamed by Dr. Howard personally for their fine performance, attention to detail, and personal attention to all his patients. He is delighted to present this proven staff to all his patients. All members of his Plastic Fantastic Staff are college educated and qualified to serve in their special positions. Dr. Howard's highly trained staff pays attention to your individual needs before, during and after surgery. We welcome you to our Plastic Fantastic Family!

Plastic Surgery Hoover AL
Pamela P. Howard, Office Manager

Alabama native and University of Alabama in Birmingham grad, Pamela Howard has been working in the plastic surgery industry for over 20 years. She has experience in all aspects of plastic surgery including front desk, patient coordinator, operating room assistant, and for the last 11 years practice manager and marketing specialist. She is married to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Howard, and has served as Executive Director of his non-profit corporation, The NewFace Foundation, traveling to Honduras providing reconstructive facial surgery to underprivileged children. She also serves as the Executive Administrator of the Dr. Ralph Millard Plastic Surgery Society and Education Foundation. As such she is the driving force keeping a group of the world’s finest plastic surgeons in touch with each other and the legacy of Dr. Ralph Millard who referred to her as “The Queen” of the Millard Society.

Using her internet expertise, she is responsible for the internet presence for the practice of her husband, Dr. Paul Howard, as well as a consultant for other plastic surgery endeavors. She received national and international recognition after launching The Plastic Truth in 2010. This is a web based information portal supplying up-to-date and pertinent information to plastic surgery consumers including how to locate and evaluate plastic surgical credentials.

Where she finds the time, we don't know, but she is also an accomplished seamtress having designed her own line of canine couture. In addition, she also does crochet, leather work, creative writing, and gardening.

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