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Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

Dr. Howard's Permanent Hand Rejuvenation utilizes the latest medical advances of autologous fat transfer. For this procedure, fat is taken from one area of your body (example: abdomen), processed, then grafted into your hands to improve the appearance of thin skin, veins, and enlarged knuckles. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia in the privacy of Dr. Howard's office.

About the Procedure

This procedure is performed in the privacy at Dr. Howard’s office under oral sedation. Dr. Howard will gently remove a small portion of fat from a predetermined area on your body such as the abdomen. This fat is then processed to purify the fat and remove unwanted by-products that surround the fat cells. The fat is then gently injected into the hands through tiny incisions. These incisions will require a stitch or two which will be removed in a few days.

Hand Rejuvenation Recovery

Your hands will be wrapped for a few days to allow the fat grafts to heal into place. Tape will be placed on your hands and fingerless-gloves will be placed to keep this tape in place and to provide security for the surgical area. You will be able to use your hands, but will not be allowed to immerse them in water for about 3 days. Disposable plastic gloves are recommended to be securely placed over your hands with rubber bands to shower and wash dishes. When the gloves and stitches are removed, we recommend you continue to wear the fingerless gloves for another few days. You hands may be tender for a week or so following surgery. Most patients experience very little pain and discomfort following this procedure.

Hand Rejuvenation Cost

The Cost for this procedure begins at $3000.

Insurance does not cover this procedure. It is strictly cosmetic in nature.

A chemical peel can be performed to further rejuvenate the surface of the skin at approximately 3 or 4 weeks following this procedure.

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