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Adult Stem Cell Banking for Future Medical UseStore your stem cells for future medical use

now offered by Dr. Paul Howard

Dr. Howard is now offering stem cell storage services from your adipose tissue retrieved by liposuction. The best adult stem cell are in our fat cells.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are like our mother-cells that can become a variety of other types of cells in our body. Medical technology has discovered we can use our own stem cells to treat conditions such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer, cartilage regeneration, cosmetic rejuvenation, and much more. Doctors are using a patient’s own adipose stem cells (found in our fat) to regenerate healthy heart muscle and restore function after heart attack. Orthopedic surgeons are also using stem cells to rebuild cartilage in knees, shoulders, and hips.


Is Stem Cell Storage Worth it?

The benefits of using your own stem cells as a biological resource are advancing and more uses are currently being discovered. However, younger stem cells are significantly more active, powerful, and potent than older stem cells. Therefore, taking advantage of banking your stem cells at an earlier age is optimal. When cells are cryopreserved it stops-the-clock on the aging of those cells. As you get older, you will have the benefit of using your own, biological resource of those younger cells for treatment.


How are Stem Cells obtained for storage?

The easiest way to obtain adipose tissue, which contains the largest concentration of mesenchymal stem cells, is with liposuction. Liposuction retrieval of stem cells for cryopreservation can be performed by removing unwanted fat cells. Those fat cells are then specially packaged and shipped over-night to AdiCyte for processing and storage. The procedure is performed in the privacy of Dr. Howard’s office in about an hour and a half. You get the joy of removing unwanted fat while taking advantage of storing the removed fat for future cosmetic or therapeutic use.


Does it matter which type of liposuction is used to collect the adipose tissue for stem cell storage?

Yes, most traditional methods of liposuction are fine for collection of adipose tissue. However, laser-assisted and ultrasonic liposuction can cause damage to the tissue and cells. The least amount of damage to the adipose (fat) cells occurs with standard tumescent anesthesia and liposuction with a negative pressure machine.


What is the Cost of Stem Cell Storage?

AdiCyte offers two sizes of kits for collection of your tissue and stem cells. The cost for the small kit (20-60cc) including the first year of storage is $1085.00. The cost for the large kit (60-240cc) including the first year of storage is $1385.00. After the first year the annual storage fee is $120 per year.

Dr. Howard’s professional fee for the liposuction removal and packaging of the adipose tissue is $3000.00


How do I Retrieve My Stem Cells in the Future?

When you desire to retrieve your stem cells they can be shipped to the physician of your choice and you will only be charged for shipping. They can either be shipped in the cryopreserved state or for a fee the physician may prefer the AdiCyte laboratory will thaw and prepare the samples before they are shipped. This provides the samples are ready for immediate use upon arrival.


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