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Cleft Lip Revision Surgery

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Cleft Lip Revision and

Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity Surgery

Secondary Cleft Lip Revision and Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty are common procedures with children born with cleft lip deformity. These procedures are often performed more than once as the child grows and matures into an adult. The final cleft lip revision procedures are usually performed once orthodontic care is completed and/or when the child's face has finished developing as a young adult.

Dr. Howard has been known as one of the top Cleft Lip Surgeons in the nation of over 25 years. Dr. Howard was trained by world famous Plastic Surgeons Dr. Ralph Millard at the University of Miami and Dr. Paul Tessier in Paris, France. In addition, Dr. Howard is President and Founder of The NewFace Foundation, a non-profit organization that benefits children born with facial deformities, and is the Treasurer of the Dr. Ralph Millard Plastic Surgery Society and Education Foundation.

Who Is a Candidate for Cleft Lip Revision and Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Patients born with a Cleft Lip desiring an improved appearance are candidates for this procedure as long as they are in good health. Dr. Howard will review your concerns, medical history and develop a plan to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

What is Cleft Lip Revision and Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty?

Cleft Lip Revision surgery involves surgical excision of the existing scar in an effort to improve its appearance. Some technical areas of the Cleft Lip Revision may include adjusting the rotation advancement, enhancing the Cupid's Bow, and addressing any imbalances in size and shape.

Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty is a procedure to address the Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity. This procedure often involves a Septoplasty to address the deviated septum in improve nasal air flow. The septum usually deviates away from the cleft side causing asymmetry of the nose, displacing the tip of the nose, presenting an under-projected nasal tip, and nostril. Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty is the reconstructive procedure that addresses these issues in an effort to create a more aesthetically pleasing nose.

The procedure is performed as out-patient under general anesthesia at an outpatient surgery facility.

Cleft Lip Revision Recovery

Depending on the specific reconstructive features performed, your recovery will vary from a one or two weeks. You may have sutures that will be removed in approximately 5 days. Patients are advised to refrain from sun exposure for 6 months following surgery, and use sunblock of SPF 50. A nasal dressing will be placed for the Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty. This nasal splint will need to stay in place for approximately 5-7 days at which time Dr. Howard's nurse will carefully remove it for you. Dr. Howard and his staff will provide you with specific aftercare instructions. You will be able to return to your daily activities in one to two weeks.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies cover the surgical expenses for these procedures. However, we advise you to review your insurance coverage contract carefully for your exact out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles and co-pays. Currently, Dr. Howard only accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. He is considered to be out-of-network for all other insurance companies.


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