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The 21st Century has introduced new aesthetic procedures to help combat the signs of aging. Although these new minor procedures are just that, minor, they cannot replace the traditional surgical procedures that produce permanent, longer lasting results. Most new cosmetic consumers are often confused which is right for them: Botox or Juvederm? First, it is important to classify these two common cosmetic procedures as temporary. Neither Botox nor Juvederm should be considered if one is desiring a permanent cosmetic result.

When Botox isn’t enough or the patient seeks a temporary improvement of wrinkles around the mouth and frown lines, artificial fillers such as Juvederm are available. Artificial fillers come in variations of thickness and are injected into fine lines and wrinkles to help reduce their appearance. Contrary to many false claims, artificial fillers are temporary and should not be expected to last longer than 6 months.Juvederm, like most artificial fillers, is hyaluronic acid which does not require prior sensitivity testing. It is important to note that hyaluronic acid fillers do not replace the more natural and permanent autologous fat grafting.

Veteran patients of Botox and Juvederm report satisfying results, but most use both products more frequently as their bodies develop a resistance and/or tolerance with repeated use.

Botox Recovery

Some patients may require cold compresses for the first few hours after receiving Botox injections. You may experience some mild tingly sensations to the area treatment. A few patients experience a mild headache.

Botox Cost

The average cost for Botox begins at $175 depending on how much is needed. A full forehead of Botox injections can cost up to $500.


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